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Federal Grant Will Help Rebuild Railroad Bridge

A railroad bridge in Lycoming County that was knocked out by the Flood of 2011 is on the fast track for replacement.

The raging waters of the Loyalsock Creek mangled the Lycoming Valley Railroad bridge near Mountoursville so badly the bridge had to be torn down.

Woman Guilty of Theft

A judge in Lycoming County found a woman guilty Thursday morning of stealing from her employer's client.

Deborah McKissick of Williamsport was arrested in 2010 on theft charges. Prosecutors said she stole nearly $20,000 from clients while she worked as a paralegal in the law office of Elliott Weiss in Williamsport.

Attempted Abduction Reported near Williamsport

Police in the Williamsport area were contacted when a boy reported being asked if he wanted a ride after school.

The man behind the wheel was a stranger, and police believe he may have been trying to lure the child into his van.

It happened earlier this week.

Police and school officials reacted soon after the middle-school-age student told them about the incident Tuesday.

The Williamsport Area School District alerted parents who were urged to warn their children against coming in contact with strangers.

While students played outside Round Hills Elementary near Williamsport, school officials and police were growing concerned over the report of an attempted abduction.

Woman Killed in Lycoming County Crash

An elderly woman was killed Tuesday afternoon after her sport utility vehicle went over a guide rail and into a creek in Loyalsock Township. 

The crash happened right around 4 p.m. at the intersection of Four Mile Drive and Warrensville Road. 

State police said the driver, Ruth Homan, 88, of Montoursville, ran a stop sign and the SUV went through the guide rail on Warrensville Road. 

The vehicle went airborne for about 50 feet, hit a tree and landed on its roof in Loyalsock Creek, according to troopers.

Deadly Crash in Lycoming County

At least one person was killed Tuesday afternoon when a sport utility vehicle crashed into Loyalsock Creek in Lycoming County.

State police said the driver of the SUV ran a stop sign at the intersection of Four Mile Drive and Sycamore Road near Williamsport. The SUV hit a guide rail and went airborne for about 50 feet before hitting a tree and landing upside down in the creek.

Troopers said investigators are checking the vehicle to determine if anyone else was in the SUV when it crashed.

The name of the victim has not been released.

Jersey Shore Elementary Schools To Stay Open

It was a surprise decision for the Jersey Shore Area School District.

At a school board meeting Monday night, the board had been weighing whether to close one of two elementary schools but that vote ended a much different way.

The school district had felt that in a cost-saving effort, either Avis Elementary or Nippenose Elementary should be closed, but the board went with its third option, to keep both open at this time.

The room at Jersey Shore Area Middle School erupted in cheers as the school board narrowly voted 5 to 4 to keep both Avis Elementary and Nippenose Elementary open for the foreseeable future.

The vote came after a night of pleading from parents.

“Nippenose is not my school,” said one parent.  “It's my son's school, Joe. It's my daughter`s school, Grace.”

In an effort to save money the district had given the board the option of closing either Avis Elementary or Nippenose Elementary.

Possible School Closure Concerns Parents

The Jersey Shore Area School Board may decide to close one of the district's elementary schools. A vote is expected at Monday night's meeting.

The district in central Pennsylvania has four elementary schools and is considering closing one of them as a way to cut costs. Nippenose Elementary in Lycoming County is one of the schools being considered for closure. The other is Avis Elementary in Clinton County.

Superintendent Richard Emery said the board could vote to close one of the schools but not both. The board could also choose to leave both schools open while still going ahead with a multi-million dollar plan to renovate and expand Jersey Shore Elementary. That school is more than 40 years old.

"At this point, if any building is chosen, I would think it would be a building that would save us the most costs we can save," said Superintendent Emery.

Several parents feel that closing a school is the wrong way to go.